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Georgies Fine Jewellery has always had a strong repair foundation and this continues on to this day employing 4 full-time jewellers and a full-time watchmaker. Our custom made jewellery and our custom design has expanded now and we employ 2 jewellery designers/CAD operators.

Our design capabilities have encompassed the use of the most sophisticated computer software in the world with Georgie and her team being experts in its use. They asked to provide training to other users of the program. We are the only jewellers on the NSW coast that employs this software.

We have the ability now to 3d print almost anything in a jewellery or watch capacity with one of the most modern workshops in Australia. We still employ old techniques when necessary and can reuse customers sentimental gold to make that new family heirloom piece.

Georgie and Dave love life on the Far South Coast of NSW and live in Narooma with their two dogs, and fish. Georgina and David believe in giving back to the community by actively sponsoring local events, as well as school events, charities and for their love of animals the Animal Welfare League.

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Business Name: Georgies Fine Jewellery
Contact Person: David O’Brien
Facebook Address (URL): Georgies Fine Jewellery FB Page
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P.O. Box 127, Narooma, NSW