Support a Business

The recent bush fires in our area has caused devastation for so many people. Businesses in Merimbula where NOT directly impacted by fire, but they have ALL been impacted indirectly.

On the 4th of January 2020 a tourist evacuation order was given and Merimbula went from a busy Coastal town in the middle of Summer Holidays, to a ghost town overnight. Motels, apartments, Shops, Cafes and restaurants where all emptied and those people are not coming back any time soon.

Our businesses rely on the summer trade and it some cases it makes up, up to 60% of their annual turnover. Retailers had extra stock ordered in, and now have no customers. Fresh food stores had to through out thousands of dollars worth of stock, and businesses are reporting losses of between $50 and $500K over the Christmas holiday period. Unfortunately loss of income insurance won’t cover this situation and there is NO government assistance for these businesses.

Businesses in town just want to get back to normal as quickly as possible and the best way to do that is to have customers spending money in our stores again. It may take some time for people to return to our area, but even if you are not close by, you can still support our businesses by purchasing a Gift Card online. Here is how.

Gift Cards

You can purchase a Gift Card from one of our stores in our online shop. You can purchase it for yourself, or send it to someone else and they will receive the Gift Card via email.  Gift Cards can be redeem in the physical store and are valid for 3 years from time of purchase.

Pay it Forward

If you want to support a business, but don’t have a need for anything, you can still purchase a Gift Card and just Pay it Forward.

It’s the same process but instead of sending the Gift Card to a specific recipient, the Gift Card is given back to the Shop and they can Pay It Forward to someone in need. For instance if you buy a $100 gift voucher for a shoe shop, the shoe shop can Pay it Forward to someone who has lost their clothes, or you could buy a $25 voucher for a Coffee Shop and they can give away 20 free cups of coffee.

Paying it forward helps BOTH the business and the people who you Pay It Forward to.

What ever you chose, we thank you for helping to support our businesses and our community